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Graduate Employability and Skills

The overall aim of the project is to provide an analytical review of the research literature on graduate employability and skills, with due attention to the diversity of the approaches that have been adopted. In particular, the review should draw out the implications of the general literature for the specific circumstances of Wales. It should also identify any gaps in the research in relation to the Welsh economy, where further research is required.

More specifically, the review should provide the basis for a report which:

  • Identifies and summarises existing literature such as significant reports or research, briefly summarising the contents, paying particular attention to whether the reports only cover Wales, or are broader in their reference (UK, other UK countries, international);
  • Reviews and assesses the summarised data to ascertain whether there are gaps in knowledge of graduate employability and skills in the Welsh economy. These may be in the form of issues for graduates in Wales which have not been researched thoroughly or more generally broad themes which are specific to Wales and would merit further investigation.
  • Based on the data, provides conclusions and should formulate 5-10 graduate employability issues/themes which would merit further research in Wales.



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