PhD Student
Swansea University

Samuel is investigating the socio-economic relationship between measures of civil society and social cohesion on subjective measures of individual well-being. He has so far explored the effects that different employment contracts have on well-being, as well as the adaptation and anticipation that individuals experience for various different life events. His current research focuses on the relationship between religioisty and well-being, with a specific emphasis on the direct and indirect effects.



Wellbeing, Deprivation & Social Cohesion
Overview This project utilised a range of econometric techniques to investigate the nature of the relationship between the domains of individual subjective wellbeing, individual and household characteristics, work/life circumstances, and a range of indicators related to the
Research Team:
David Blackaby (Swansea University), Philip Murphy (Swansea University), Melanie Jones (Cardiff University), Prashant Gupta (Brunel University), James Healy (Swansea University), Samuel Brown (Swansea University)