Postdoctoral Research Associate
Swansea University

Samuel is an applied labour economist with expertise in the areas of wellbeing, minorities, LGBT+ economics, and quantitative methodologies. Samuel has been publishes in journals such as Economic Letters and Work, Employment, and Society. Since completing his ESRC funded PhD at Swansea University (Sexual Orientation and Wellbeing) he has begun working as a WISERD Post Doctoral Research Associate. Samuel is also a 2019-2020 Global Labour Organisation Virtual Young Scholar (advised by Nick Drydakis). 

Samuel's current research focuses on the economic and political behaviour of sexual and gender minorities. Samuel's current work includes the industrial segregation and earnings of sexual minorities, the casual effect of same-sex marriage legalisation on the political behaviour of sexual minorities in Europe, the relationship between the political behaviour of sexual minorities and prejudice towards sexual minorities, and the casual effect of transgender policy on the health and economic inequalities faced by transgender people in the US. 


Journal Articles
Sexual identity and wellbeing: A distributional analysis
The relationship between sexual identity and wellbeing is analysed in an unconditional panel quantile setting. There is heterogeneity across sexual identity and gender for homosexuals and, for all but lesbians, sexual minorities are less satisfied than heterosexuals below...
April 2019