Presented by Professor Merril Silverstein , Syracuse University This seminar is part of the Cardiff WISERD Lunchtime Seminar series. If you are an external guest, please contact us (029 2087 9338) to confirm availability of places. For further information please contact

In this presentation I examine whether ethnic community engagement and perceived filial piety have consequences for loneliness and depression among older Chinese-American immigrants. Older immigrants face stressful challenges acculturating to a new society, particularly if they experience discrimination and their children do not adhere to traditional filial practices. However, ethnic community organizations may provide an alternative cultural resource that reduces the impact of having non-filial children. I analyze data from the PINE study that consists of 2,151 older Chinese adults living in Chicago. Results reveal that elders who receive more filial respect from their children and visit community centers experience less loneliness and depression than do their counterparts. I conclude that ethnic community integration appears to protect the psychological well-being of older Chinese-American immigrants and particularly those with weak family ties.