The inaugural Welsh Retail Summit considered the retail scale, make-up and variability of Welsh towns and cities, while also considering the significance of retail vacancy rates. In addition to releasing a report produced by WISERD at Cardiff University and the Local Data Company the event hosted  a panel discussion and presentations from various stakeholders.

Following breakfast registration Dr Scott Orford (Cardiff University) and Matthew Hopkinson (The Local Data Company) presented the latest findings from their joint research paper and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the retail scale and make-up of Welsh towns and cities? 
  2. How variable are Welsh towns and cities in their retailing?
  3. How significant is retail vacancy in Welsh town centres?
  4. Can we explain some of the patterns found? 

After the presentation, an expert panel (which will include a retailer, an investor and an MP) discussed the findings as well as answer questions from the audience.


08:30 Registration & breakfast
09:00 Keynote presentation by Dr Scott Orford and Matthew Hopkinson
09:45 Panel introductions and questions
10:15 Panel and audience Q&A
10:45 Break: Tea & Coffee
11:00 Stakeholder presentations and Q&A
13:00 Closing talks and thanks