This event will begin by introducing the Understanding Welsh Places (UWP) website and will then provide an interactive, hands-on workshop.

Understanding Welsh Places provides you with useful data and geographical information about your town or local area. The graphics, maps and guidance on the website have been developed to enable you to explore the data you need to help you identify opportunities for your local community and make a difference in the place where you live or work.

The website includes information about the 307 places in Wales with 1,000 or more residents, with more detailed information available for the 193 places with 2,000 residents or more. Data for smaller places can be viewed through the Neighbourhood Maps tool.

Each place page provides data on:

1. The demographic, social and economic make up of an area;

2. The availability of community services and assets, including public transport; and,

3. How people move between places, such as commuting and migration patterns.

As part of this event, you and other attendees will be shown how you can use the data about your local area to help you better understand where you live.

This workshop will also show you how to use the website’s comparison tool and place classifications to identify similarities and differences between places. Comparing places may give you ideas for your place, or offer opportunities for collaboration and sharing of successful strategies with stakeholders in places similar to your own.

This event will focus specifically on Bangor and North Wales. We are running a separate event focusing on Cardiff and South Wales .