Chair: Professor Gareth Rees, Wiserd Director, Cardiff University

‘Findings from the review of the Welsh Baccalaureate’: Huw Evans: WBQ Chair of the 14-19 qualifications review

Huw focused on the outcomes of the Review of Qualifications and its potential impact on the Welsh Baccalaureate. More specifically Huw considered a) its role within an increasingly devolved approach within the context of a Welsh educational system, and b) the pivotal role of Qualifications Wales and its future role in shaping and steering our direction of education in Wales.

  ‘The impact of the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification on Higher Education participation and progress’: Professor Chris Taylor, Cardiff University

Chris presented findings from a recent project to examine the relationships between the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma (WBQ) and Higher Education (HE). In particular, this Welsh Government-funded project set out to explore what impact, if any, having the WBQ had on students’ participation in to HE and their progress and outcomes once they were in university. The mixed methods study involved analysis of longitudinal data from the National Pupil Database and the Higher Education Statistics Agency alongside interviews and focus groups with students and staff from school sixth forms and universities from across Wales.