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In April 2017, a “Repair Cafe” was founded in Cathays as a monthly event run by volunteers to fix things that would otherwise be thrown away. In the last twelve months, we have started / supported a further five repair cafes (Splott; Grangetown; Caerphilly; Penarth; Rumney). We are also Helping repair cafes in Liberia; Palestine and Malawi.

Similar to other organisations (e.g. “Library of Things” , “Toy Libraries”) Repair Cafes simultaneously appeal to middle-class environmentalists and impoverished individuals, as well as those who simply seek safe or rewarding community engagement.

Do these events make an environmental difference or are they simply a source for cost-cutting? Why is there so little co-ordination and communication among similar environmental groups both locally and internationally? How do people make decisions about how and where their ethical resources are best spent?