Speakers: Prof. Michael Hout, Department of Sociology, UC Berkeley; Prof. Theodore P. Gerber; Department of Sociology, Wisconsin-Madison; Prof. John Maccinnes, Department of Sociology, University of Edinburgh; Prof. Richard L. Zijdeman, Department of Sociology, Utrecht University


The four workshops in the Research Development Initiative (RDI) series were designed to cover both QM and substantive modules at each level of the UG curriculum using a ‘two-way embedding’ approach, i.e. embedding substantive examples in QM teaching and QM in substantive modules. We explored how this can be achieved throughout the series, which combined workshops on QM teaching, as well as ones on selected substantive areas of sociology such as sociology of education, social inequality and stratification, political sociology. We brought together a group of international distinguished scholars with extensive experience in QM teaching and provide an excellent opportunity for pedagogic exchange.

Our first 2-day workshop in the RDI series focused on introductory level Research Methods modules. We began with a brief introduction of QM teaching in the US and Dutch UG curriculum. Through a unique blend of master classes and break-out sessions, it provided face-to-face interaction with overseas quantitative teachers in Europe and the US, we explored what QM content should feature in the first year UG curriculum and how best to deliver and assess it. Sample materials and recordings of master classes will be made available via the course website accessible to course participants exclusively, where ongoing exchange is supported throughout the workshop series.