This one-day event will be led by experts from the National Survey for Wales and is aimed to provide social science researchers, policy practitioners and others with knowledge and understanding of the National Survey for Wales, and the confidence to use it. The emphasis will be on the practical value of the survey data for investigating social issues in Wales and technical advice on methods of analysis.

The National Survey for Wales is an important resource for the social sciences, social policy and public services, involving around 12,000 people a year across the whole of Wales. From 2016-17 the National Survey replaces the Welsh Health Survey, the Arts in Wales Survey, the Welsh Outdoor Recreation Survey and the Active Adults Survey. It covers a range of topics from local authority services, education, health and social care, as well as demographic questions and Welsh language.

The first part of the day will provide background and an overview of the design and methodology of the National Survey from 2012-15 and the Welsh Language Use Survey. Attendees will be introduced to the topics included in both surveys, and presented with some key findings to date.

There will be a discussion on different types of analysis that has and that could be carried out on the surveys, including a particular focus on regression analysis.  The afternoon will be a hands-on computer-based session, where attendees will be shown how to access the data, and given instruction on how to weight the data and conduct basic analysis using the survey, as well as being shown how to conduct some basic logistic regression analysis in SPSS.

The format will be as follows:

09:15  – 09:30    –   Registration and refreshments

09:30  – 11:00    –   Session 1: Introduction to the NSW, design, key findings and analysis

11:00  – 11:15    –   Break

11:15  – 11:45    –   Session 2: Further analysis on the survey – focusing on regression analysis

11:45  – 12:30    –   Session 3: Introduction to the Welsh Language Use Survey design, key findings and   analysis 

12:30  – 13:30    –   Lunch

13:30  – 14:30    –   Session 4: Practical session using National Survey data in SPSS

14:30  – 14:45    –   Break

14:45 –  15:30    –  Session 5: Practical session (continued)