In this two part introductory course we will give you an overview on how GIS works, and what we can and can’t do with spatial data. We assume no prior knowledge of GIS and will explain how to get data into the GIS as well as how to produce maps using your own data.

Aims and Objectives

  • Be able to set up QGIS and add data
  • Understand how to add data with a latitude & longitude coordinate
  • Join tabular data to spatial data
  • Understand how to undertake simple calculations
  • Understanding how to classify data for representation on a map
  • Understand how to design and produce a publication-ready map in QGIS
  • Be able to add maps, scale bar, legends and labels to a map
  • Know why scale is important in map design
  • Know how to save and export maps as PDFs or images
  • Be able to work with a range of different data sources

This course would be useful for:

  • Researchers who are new to GIS
  • Those in public sector who are new to GIS
  • Those who work in public sector with GIS, but want to learn more about QGIS

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