This one day event for researchers is led by Dr Dawn Mannay , Cardiff University will explore the visual image in mediated forms and its use as a tool of qualitative inquiry and dissemination.

Visual images have become ubiquitous in contemporary culture and at the same time there has been a move towards creative methodologies in social research. There will be an engagement with the ways in which images are read and created, and the ethical implications of researching the visual. Visual culture will be explored as a powerful tool that acts to ascribe particular identities to individuals; and the workshop will examine the ways in which this creates inequalities and psychosocial consequences.

The presentation of the material will set out current debates in visual, social and cultural studies and explore the potential of visual methods as tools of participatory and collaborative practice. The workshop activities invite you to try out some innovative techniques of data generation and interrogate the usefulness of visual approaches. The workshop will provide the opportunity for delegates to;

  • Gain a broad understanding of a range of visual, creative and participatory research methods
  • Feel confident working with visual data
  • Feel confident using participatory methods in research
  • Understand the ethical implications involved in researching ‘the visual’
  • Be inspired to consider alternative methods of research and ways to present research