A workshop to help researchers analyse narrative interviews or open interviews which contain longer narrative sequences.

Gerhard Riemann (Technische Hochschule Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm, Faculty of Social Sciences)

The aim of this research workshop was to familiarise participants with a type of sociolinguistically informed textual analysis, which has emerged in the study of narrative interviews in recent decades – especially autobiographical narrative interviews on the unfolding of a life history, but also interviews in which narrators remember the long-term development and history of relationships (e.g. social workers telling about the relationship with a client). This type of analysis, which is based on the work of the sociologist Fritz Schütze, has proved fruitful in biographical research and in the analysis of professional work and has been practiced in different disciplines (like sociology and educational science) and professions (especially social work).

During the workshop it was possible to jointly analyse narrative interviews of participants or open interviews, which contain longer narrative sequences.