School of Management
Swansea University
Bay Campus
Fabian Way

By Road

Travelling west on the M4 leave the motorway at junction 42 and follow
signs for Swansea on the A483 (Fabian Way). The Bay Campus is situated to the left hand side of Fabian Way and the main entrance is controlled by traffic lights. There is a Visitors’ Car Park immediately to the left of the main entrance.
There is a large Park and Ride facility located at Fabian Way, which is a short distance from the Bay Campus. This facility costs £2.50 per car, per day for city centre travel. If you wish to travel to the Bay Campus using Park and Ride, there is an additional cost of £1.50 per car per day. The total cost of using Park and Ride to travel to the Bay Campus
is £4.00 per car. The site is open from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Cycling and Walking (Active Travel)

Singleton Park Campus and Bay Campus are linked by the National Cycle Route (NCN route 4). There is cycle parking facilities at both sites. If you are travelling locally or cycling from either Swansea or Port Talbot rail stations, the Swansea Bay Cycle network can be viewed here:



Santander Cycles Swansea is a bike share scheme that everyone can use. There are 5 docking station hubs along the sweep of Swansea Bay, connecting both campuses. For further information download
the Santander Cycles App from the App Store.

By Bus

Buses run frequently between the city centre, Bay Campus, Singleton Park Campus and Hendrefoelan Student Village. For timetables and further information please contact:
and for all public transport
information in the area including train travel.


By Train

High-speed InterCity trains run at hourly intervals from London (Paddington) to Swansea. Travel time approximately 2 hours 50 minutes. The main InterCity services offer connections to Swansea from Birmingham, Bristol Parkway, Cardiff and London. There are also regional services via Sprinter trains to west, mid and north Wales. The nearest train station to the Bay Campus is Port Talbot Parkway (two stops before Swansea).
For details of all rail services:
Tel: +44 (0)3457 484950

By Air


Train: Either take the Rail-Air Link bus to Reading and
the train from Reading to Port Talbot (or Swansea for
Singleton Park Campus), or take the train from
Heathrow to London (Paddington) and the train
from Paddington to Port Talbot (or Swansea).
Bus: Take bus 201 or 202 from the airport bus station to Swansea.



Train: Take the train from Gatwick to Reading and
the train from Reading to Swansea.
Bus: Take bus 201 or 202 from the airport bus station to Swansea.



Catch a bus or take a taxi to central Cardiff and then
make rail or Greyhound connection to Swansea.