| 09:00am - 5:00pm
Room 013 (Computer Room), Ground floor, Adeilad Deiniol , Bangor University, Deiniol Road, Bangor, LL57 2UX, United Kingdom.

These two half-day workshops for researchers are led by Dr Martijn Hogerbrugge , Cardiff University. Participants can attend either or both sessions, and need to register for each


Workshops are aimed at researchers who:

Use SPSS, but have thus far only relied on its point-and-click interface

Wish to make the step from SPSS or Excel to Stata when visualizing quantitative data


Morning workshop (three hours)

We will introduce the SPSS syntax code and focus on creating and recording data, performing basic analyses, and using SPSS ‘do repeat’, ‘loop’ and ‘vector’ commands to perform repetitive processing.


Afternoon workshop (four hours)

The equivalent Stata/.do syntax codes for creating and recoding data will be introduced, and useful commands not available in SPSS will be highlighted. The three key programming constructs for repetitive processing will be discussed.


Please note, spaces are limited and we will need to prioritize participants who are planning to attend the Data visualization using Stata workshop the following day.


If you have any questions about these sessions, please contact WISERD Events Officer, Jane Graves  .