| 21:00 - 16:45
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Society Building, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL, United Kingdom.

Call for Abstracts: Young People and Brexit - One year on

The EU referendum was one of the most remarkable events in British politics for generations: it led to a redefining of the relationship between the UK and the European Union, the resignation of a sitting Prime Minister, to more young people voting than in any election since the 1990s, and it is now related to the calling of a 2017 General Election. The political, economic and social fallout of the referendum and Brexit will define the next general election. Young people occupy a distinctive position within this unpredictable and turbulent political context: for many, the result of the referendum was a bitter disappointment, and they find themselves confronted by a political elite and electorate in which a clear majority supports a Brexit process to which they are deeply opposed.

The short and long term consequences of the EU Referendum and Brexit on young people’s political engagement, their attachment to the political process, and their decisions in the 2017 General Election will be explored at this one day conference hosted by the Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research, Data & Methods. The conference will be divided into two parts: the morning sessions will provide a forum in which to share the latest academic research and insights in the fields of youth political engagement and participation including election results from the 8 June; and the afternoon session will focus on debating how young people can be better represented in the Brexit process, in light of the election results, including discussion with young people on how it can be used to stimulate their engagement with electoral politics in future.

We invite papers and/or presentations on any topic relating to the impact of the EU Referendum and/or Brexit on the political and civic attitudes, values, engagement or participation of young people in the UK, and/or on their participation in the 2017 general election and the impact of Brexit on their voting decisions. Themes to be explored on the day could include, but are not limited to:

-          The key determinants of young people’s overwhelming support for EU membership/opposition to Brexit

-          The impact of Brexit on young people’s engagement with, and attachment to, the British political process and institutions

-          Young people’s views of and responses to the ‘anti-elite’ or ‘anti-establishment’ theme so prominent in the referendum campaign

-          Young people’s participation in the 2017 general election, and the impact of Brexit on their preferences

-          The impact of the referendum campaign and Brexit for young people’s conceptions of national identity and citizenship

If you would like to present at the conference, please submit a 300 word abstract to WISERD.events@cardiff.ac.uk . The deadline for abstracts is 15 May 2017, and we will respond to all submissions by 26th May 2017.

If you have any questions about the conference, or about WISERD’s research into young people’s political engagement and Brexit more broadly, please feel free to email WISERD@cardiff.ac.uk or visit our website: http://wiserd.ac.uk/young-people-and-brexit/ .

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