ITV coverage of the 1984-85 miners’ strike

Following our recent event, ‘The past in the present: Reflections on coal mining and the miners’ strike 1984-85’ we were featured on a special ITV Wales programme, which aired on Monday 4 March and looked at how the events of 1984-85 continue to shape Wales’ economy, people, politics and communities. The coverage featured one of our speakers from the event, Dai Donovan (2m22s).

Our event was also covered on ITV’s Sharp End programme which aired on Tuesday 5 March at 10.45pm and featured interviews with event speakers Dr Ben Curtis and Dai Donovan at (3m55s). Cardiff University Honorary Research Fellow, and one of the lead organisers of the WISERD event, Steve Davies, was also part of a panel, alongside Elin Royles, a WISERD colleague based at Aberystwyth University (13m12s).