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WISERD Co-Director, Professor Howard Davis, writes about the reaction to recent European Parliament elections:

Civil society and participation: reactions to the European Parliament elections

By Professor Howard Davis, WISERD Co-Director.

The recent European Parliament elections grabbed the headlines across Europe as some remarkable results were announced. Protest is in the air, coming from all political directions. Voices of reaction have been most strident but we should not forget that the almost universally low turnout of voters also indicates a kind of sullen refusal. Commentaries have been full of references to disillusionment with the European project, disaffection and general lack of trust…

Dr Kathryn Sharp posts the fourth WISERD Education entry looking bilingualism in schools:

Bilingual education: Why it makes sense

By Dr Kathryn Sharp.

The Welsh Government, with their Welsh Language Scheme 2012-2017, (A Living Language: A Language for Living), aim to increase the use of Welsh in Wales. Though the Welsh Language Scheme aims to increase the use of Welsh in all domains, education plays a crucial role. The Welsh Government have strategic plans in place for 2013-2014 that require all local authorities to provide action plans for Welsh-medium provision in schools across Wales…

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