Leading academic to discuss democratic reform in Aberystwyth

Professor Alan Renwick

The prospects for political reform in Britain will be discussed at Aberystwyth University this month, when Professor Alan Renwick delivers the annual Welsh Politics and Society Lecture.

The lecture, ‘Do the UK Public want Democratic Reform?’, will be held on Thursday 25th May at 6pm in the International Politics Main Hall, Penglais Campus. Entry is free of charge and open to all, and places can be reserved at https://cwps.aber.ac.uk/events.

Professor Renwick is Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit at University College London and a leading expert on public attitudes towards the British political system.

In his talk, Professor Renwick will argue that the British public care about the state of politics and do want change. He will describe research findings revealing deep disquiet with the status quo and discuss what reforms might help to restore confidence in British democracy.

Dr Anwen Elias, Co-Director of Centre for Welsh Politics and Society said:

The lecture will offer key insights into the kind of democratic system people want in the UK, based on the discussions of the Citizens’ Assembly on Democracy in the UK; these are very timely given on-going debates in all parts of the UK about the state of democracy.


This news originally appeared on the Aberystwyth University website.