WISERD at the Eisteddfod

The bilingual film Patagonia will be screened on Thursday 4th August with Dr Mirain Rhys taking part in the expert panel discussion following the film.

In collaboration with Cardiff University sciSCREEN programme, the screening aims to engage audiences in research through cinema.  The screening will be followed by a panel discussion of five speakers who will relate their work to the topic/s covered in the film.

Patagonia is a 2010 drama film about Welsh and Argentine people connected to “Y Wladfa”, the Welsh settlement in Patagonia, Argentina.  A drama in which the only languages spoken are Welsh and Spanish (with subtitles), the film plays out as a road trip movie running two parallel stories of pilgrims on a search for identity.  The film stars several well-known Welsh actors including Matthew Rhys, Nia Roberts and the singer Duffy.  Directed by Welsh director Marc Evans.

Dr Mirain Rhys will be looking at Welsh as a second language and referring to WISERD projects looking at language, culture and identity.

The event will take place on Thursday 4th August on the Maes at Castle Meadows, Abergavenny at 3pm – 6pm.


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