WISERD Civil Society Programme at the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) Conference, Amsterdam

WISERD will have a strong presence at the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) Conference (10-13 July) hosted by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Philanthropic Studies Department.

Founded in 1992, the ISTR is the major international association promoting research and education in the fields of civil society, philanthropy, and the non-profit sector. It is committed to building a global community of scholars and interested others dedicated to the creation, discussion, and advancement of knowledge of the third sector and its impact on human and planetary well-being and development.

In addition to the busy WISERD Exhibition Stand WISERD academics will present the findings of five projects from the ESRC-funded Civil Society Programme.

Dr Christala Sophocleous, (WISERD, Cardiff University) will be presenting her paper – ‘A Critical Exploration of a Statutory Duty on Government to Promote Third Sector Social Welfare Delivery: The Case of Wales’ to the Panel ‘Civil Society vs Regulating Regimes: Emerging Areas of Theory and Practice’.

Dr Sioned Pearce, (WISERD, Cardiff University) will present ‘Divergence and Participatory Democracy in Devolved Welsh Anti-poverty Strategy: The Case of Communities First 2001- 2017’ to the Panel ‘Historical Review and Lessons Learned: Democracy and Civil Society Organizations’.

Dr Esther Muddiman, (WISERD, Cardiff University) will present ‘Young People and Civil Society: The Role of Family in Encouraging Active Citizenship’ to the Panel: ‘Youth and Civic Engagement: Active Citizenship and Activism’.

Professor Paul Chaney will present his paper – ‘Legitimacy or Legitimation? Third Sector Perspectives on Governments’ Human Rights Implementation in Asia and Africa’ Panel – to the Panel ‘Human Rights: Democracy and Civil Society Organizations’; and Dr David J Dallimore, (WISERD, Bangor University) will present his paper ‘Place, Belonging and Local Voluntary Association Leadership’ to the Panel – ‘Impact of Volunteering, Leadership and Empowerment: Active Citizenship and Activism’.

In addition WISERD academics will chair a series of the conference sessions – including: ‘New Theoretical Lenses in Civil Society Studies: Emerging Areas of Theory and Practice’ (Dr Sophocleous); ‘Experiences and Analyses – Democracy and Civil Society Organization’ (Dr Muddiman); and ‘The Innovation of Non-Profit Organizations: Social Innovation and the Third Sector’ (Paul Chaney).

WISERD Co-Director Professor Paul Chaney said “WISERD’s strong presence at the ISTR Conference this year comes on the back of similar engagement at past ISTR International Conferences in Indonesia (2017) and Sweden (2016)”. He added, “These conferences are invaluable for networking and knowledge exchange and our presence there underlines WISERD’s place at the forefront of international civil society research”.