WISERD researchers secure places at the 2019 GW4 Crucible

GW4 logo on a board at an event

Three WISERD researchers – Constantino Dumangane, Wil Chivers and Ian Thomas – have successfully secured places on the 2019 GW4 Crucible.

The GW4 Crucible is a competitive annual programme that seeks to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between early career researchers from Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Exeter universities.

This year’s programme comprises three two-day residential labs. 30 cruciblees will have the opportunity to work together to consider creative and innovative ways to develop research impact, to enhance professional networks and visibility, and to reflect on prospects for career development.

Each Crucible is organised around a distinct theme that matches with current priority areas for research development. This year’s theme is ‘digital innovation’ and the cohort of researchers is broad ranging, representing disciplines including social and political science, geography, psychology, bioscience, health and medicine, physics, computer science, and engineering.

The first residential lab was attended by several high profile speakers from GW4 universities and beyond, who offered expert advice and insight into where and how researchers can influence policymakers, how to communicate research effectively and the positivity with which researchers should view their careers.

The next lab will take place on the 20th and 21st March at Padbrook House in Cullompton.

Read more about the lab in Wil Chivers’ latest blog.