WISERD to Boost Skills and Employment Survey in 2012

WISERD is funding a boost to the Skills and Employment Survey to be carried out across Britain in 2012.  The overarching aim of the survey is to collect data on skills and employment experiences of those working in Britain in 2012, making it a key and distinctive resource for research on contemporary working life.

The Skills and Employment Survey (SES) will also provide continuity with and build on previous surveys funded by the ESRC, set a benchmark for future research in the field and allow some contemporaneous international comparisons to be made.

Stemming from this overarching aim, there are four further objectives to be addressed, using the survey data:

  • Describe and analyse the level and distribution of skills requirements of jobs in British workplaces in 2012 and compare these patterns with earlier data points.
  • Similarly, describe and analyse the level and distribution of key aspects of workers’ experiences of their jobs in 2012, and compare with earlier data points.
  • Use the data to develop three distinctive original and substantive contributions to scholarship surrounding job quality and job skill.
  • Make the data available and provide the necessary data support and infrastructure for further analyses by academic or policy-based researchers in the field of skills and job quality.

The research team is being led by Professor Alan Felstead (SOCSI) who will be working with Rhys Davies (WISERD) to analyse Welsh data and produce a special report.

More information about the project can be found here.