I grew up in a village in Umea municipality in Northern Sweden and moved to Aberystwyth in 2017 to do an undergraduate degree in human geography. My undergraduate dissertation concerned how the identities of young adults in rural Northern Sweden are affected by representations of the North, which is a topic that still greatly interests me. After receiving a first class degree, I proceeded to pursue a master’s degree at Aberystwyth University, working with Welsh media representations of migration. Currently I am pursuing a PhD with the support of Dr Sinead O’Connor and Prof Michael Woods.

WISERD current research project: Civil Society

I am interested in rural marginalization, peripheralization and rural citizenship, particularly as regards migration, migrants, youth, whiteness and political power.

The provisional title of my PhD project is: The implications of changing migration discourses and the rise of the far-right in Europe on peripheral, rural communities in Wales and Sweden. It is going to be a comparative study of specific localities in rural Northern Sweden and rural Wales in relation to changing migration discourses.