Jess has worked at the intersection of public arts and technology since 2012 and has collaborated with leading public institutions across the UK, including Tate, Nesta, Watershed, Arts Council England, Arts Council Wales, National Theatre Wales, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Guardian, and the British Council. Previously, Jess ran the Digital Innovation Fund for Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government and the UK’s National Endowment for Arts, Science and Technology (NESTA). She has sat on the Digital Innovation Board of the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

In 2021 Jess completed an ESRC funded PhD which explored the methods and tools available for understanding visitors’ affective experiences in museums. Her research addresses key issues and caveats for using wearable biometric technologies in the heritage and cultural sectors. She is joining the WISERD Civil Society Research Centre to continue her work on technology, museums, and visitor experience.