I am a researcher of political engagement, gamification, political forecasting and participation. I hold a BA in Politics and an MSc in Computer Science, and am in the examination process of my PhD, all of which have been awarded at Swansea University. My PhD was funded by the Swansea University Research Excellence Scholarship, focusing on an interdisciplinary examination of the gamification of political forecasting and the impact it can have on engagement.

I am primarily interested in political psychology, and this takes many forms. First of all, I aim to continue my research on gamified political forecasting, looking to cover more elections to add to my PhD’s focus on the UK Local Elections in May 2023. Secondly, I am pursuing the conceptual development of political engagement. Thirdly, I am exploring additional interdisciplinary work on topics like political trust, legitimacy, and the rationales of participation. Fourthly, I am interested in the computational side of my PhD, looking at how gamification can play a role in modern political life.

I currently have several ongoing projects. Firstly, I am exploring trust and legitimacy along Brexit divides. I am additionally exploring the relationship between religiosity and participation, as well as producing proof-of-concept research on the gamification of forecasting to demonstrate how the website created as a part of my PhD research was developed using motivation literature.