Nivedita is currently a Research Assistant at WISERD, Cardiff University, on the project: ‘New arenas for civic expansion: Humans, animals and AI’, which is part of WISERD’s Civil Society Centre.

Prior to this, Nivedita worked on the WISERD project: ‘Youth unemployment and sub-state welfare regimes’, where her research efforts focused on an in-depth examination and comparative analysis of the sub-state youth (un)employment policies and approaches, and how they play out on the ground level of service delivery in the three devolved nations of UK, England, Scotland and Wales.

Nivedita completed her master’s degree in Inequalities and Social Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2022. Her master’s thesis research explored the post-entry experiences of social mobility within the reputed public sector jobs for Dalits (lower caste, previously untouchable communities) in India.

Prior to this she was a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (IICD) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), where she held the position of Assistant Professor, Textile Design, and worked closely with the marginalized indigenous craft communities for craft and community research and engagement, and teaching.

Research Interests:

Her research interests include social and economic inequalities; intersectionality; social mobility; processes of elite formation and social composition of elites; caste inequality- situating caste-class intersections in the occupational structure and processes of elite formation in western democracies; and welfare state and the politics of inequality and redistribution.