The project has these two primary aims:

  1. Promote engagement with the School Governors Reflections Resource;
  2. Ensure the sustainability of the resource over the medium term (next 12 – 24 months).

We also hope the project will allow us to explore further opportunities to research how school governors in Wales can be more effectively supported in their work.



  1. Contact Local Authorities, participate where possible at governor training events (online) and contribute to other online promotion activities (newsletters, emails);
  2. Monitor and evaluate use of the site and update content where necessary;
  3. Explore options to maintain the site over the medium-term through discussion with Local Authorities, Welsh Government, Governors Cymru Support & other stakeholders.



It is hoped that the project will help build greater recognition by policy makers of the importance of providing opportunities for school governors to express their perspectives on governance and hear the views of other governors.



To speak at some meetings of governor support officers from Local Authorities in Wales.


School Governor Reflections Resource