Given recent societal and policy changes, the UK faces an increased need to know how the world of work has changed.  The overarching aim of the Skills and Employment Survey 2023 (SES2023) is to collect robust survey data on the skills and employment experiences of people aged 20-65 working in Britain in 2023. SES2023 will produce a valuable and unique addition to the social science data resource infrastructure.

In a new innovation for the series, the 2023 data will be collected in two ways: approximately 2,600 interviews will be conducted face-to-face (F2F), while an additional 1,500 interviews will be conducted using a new online-first approach. Data collected F2F will be comparable with those gathered from earlier surveys, allowing researchers to measure how the labour market has changed since 2017. This includes the impact that recent changes – such as Covid-19, Brexit and the cost of living crisis – and long-term trends – such as increasing digitalisation, low and stagnating productivity growth, and an ageing population – are having on the working lives of people living in Britain.