Are young people blindly self-interested? How does university shape students’ political participation? Can busy parents and grandparents find time to volunteer?

Challenging conventional thinking, leading academics explore how individuals’ relationships with civil society change over time as different lifecourse events and stages trigger and hinder civic engagement.

Drawing on personal narratives, longitudinal cohort studies and national surveys, this unprecedented study considers rarely examined aspects of civic engagement including school students’ sense of social responsibility and the charitable legacy bequests of elderly people and highlights significant implications for those promoting greater civic and political participation.

  1. Exploring Civil Society Through a Lifecourse Approach ~ Sally Power
  2. Civic Participation over the Lifecourse ~ Chris Taylor
  3. Young People’s Civil and Political Participation ~ Sally Power
  4. Graduating into Civil Society ~ Ceryn Evans, Esther Muddiman and Chris Taylor
  5. Parenthood and Civic Engagement ~ Esther Muddiman
  6. Volunteering in Later Life ~ Martijn J A Hogerbrugge
  7. Grandparenting and Participation in Civil Society ~ Jennifer May Hampton and Esther Muddiman
  8. Retiring into Civil Society ~ Laura Jones, Jesse Heley and Sophie Yarker
  9. Leaving a Legacy for Civil Society ~ Rhian Powell
  10. Civil Society through the Lifecourse ~ Sally Power