SageJournals, pp. 1-14

Despite private tutoring gaining increasing popularity in many countries, studies of the choice of and rationale for private tutoring among Chinese parents before and after the ‘‘double reduction’’ policy (issued on July 24, 2021) in China are limited. This mixed-methods paper compares parents’ choice of private tutoring before and after the policy and the role of socioeconomic status in influencing their choice. It presents the findings of questionnaires (486) and follow-up interviews (23) from parents of children in a primary and secondary school in Guangzhou, China. The findings showed that family socioeconomic status (measured by parental education and annual household income) affects spending on private tutoring both before and after the ‘‘double reduction’’ policy, with parents from lower socioeconomic backgrounds being more influenced by the policy. The findings have important implications for the more effective application of the ‘‘double reduction’’ policy in China.