The aim of this Briefing is two-fold.  First, it provides data users with a concise and succinct outline of the fieldwork protocols and outcomes used to produce the Skills and Employment Survey 2017 (SES2017).  A fuller account can be found in the Technical Report provided by GfK which is available on the project web site.[1]  Secondly, it offers a full account of how the weights supplied with the integrated dataset were derived.  This is information that can only be found in this Technical Briefing.


The Briefing covers:


  • the background to the survey;
  • the sample design;
  • the data collection and fieldwork outcomes;
  • the representativeness of SES2017 and its predecessors, and the weighting procedures adopted to address design and non-response effects;
  • a summary of the survey’s main features.


Each section in the Briefing covers each of these themes in turn.