This Report is based on survey data collected from two samples of workers: 7,213 workers aged 20-65 years old and living in Britain in 2006 and 3,200 similarly aged workers in 2012. Both surveys were boosted in Wales yielding a total sample of almost1,000 workers in Wales – 407 respondents in 2006 and 587 in 2012.

The Report explains how several different aspects of skills and the quality of employment can be measured using surveys which ask workers to report on a range of work experiences well beyond the pay they receive (Chapters 1 and Annex 1). The Report examines how these experiences differ between particular groups of worker, in what ways these experiences have changed over the last six years and how the situation in Wales differs from other parts of Britain. The Skills and Employment Survey 2012 (SES2012) and its 2006 predecessor provide a unique insight into the impact that the prolonged economic downturn is having on the working lives of the people of Wales.