Sustainable Urban and Rural Development. Part of Sustainability.Special Issue.

Evolution of research on urban design has needed in some stages a deeper interdisciplinary relationship with other close fields, like Architecture, Ecology.  These eventual gaps led to some socio-economic and cultural problems in cities and regions worldwide.

Milestones in this long journey arose. COVID-19 is one of them. These facts oblige the scientific community to show up the theories, manifestos, case-studies and methodologies on the previous fields. It will be very helpful to raise the understanding of the sustainability of architecture and urban planning from a diverse set of perspectives. This is, in fact, the aim of this special issue: to establish a bridge between theory and practice in the built environment by examining in-depth the consequences for citizens

Any of the latest research findings and innovative approaches, will help to redefine contemporary built environments in relation to the different perspectives. A broad outline of the special issue’s scope includes peer-reviewed original research articles, case and technical reports, reviews and analyses.  All scholars, practitioners, and policymakers with a common interest to study architecture and urban design from different perspectives are invited to contribute for that. An interaction with  different intertwined fields including economy, architecture, engineering, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and digital studies, is expected.

Prof. Dr. José Manuel Pagés Madrigal
Prof. Dr. Islam H. El Ghonaimy
Dr. Igor Calzada
Guest Editors