WISERD Education was launched in 2012 in order to change the landscape of educational research in Wales. The main aims of the Programme were: to enhance the capacity to carry out high quality educational research within the higher education sector in Wales;

•    to undertake research activities designed to improve the quality of learning and the standards of teaching and teacher education in Wales;
•    to undertake translational activities to augment the research literacy of teacher educators, practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders;
•    to put in place an infrastructure which will ensure that this capacity and activity can be sustained in the long term, leading to increased recognition of high quality education research in Wales in future UK-wide research assessment exercises.
The Programme was led by Professor Sally Power and Professor Chris Taylor,Co-Directors of the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD), based in Cardiff University.

In this report we outline the progress we have made in meeting these aims. Each section covers one of the many dimensions of WISERD Education’s activities, featuring key highlights and events. A summary of how we have met each of WISERD Education’s performance indicators is provided in the final section.

We believe that WISERD Education has laid the foundations for building a strong and sustainable research community in Wales – foundations that we hope to continue to strengthen in the coming years.