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Student Responses to a Challenge-Oriented Research and Training Project – Sustainability Competencies for Rural Development: Lessons from China

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) attempt to address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental degradation which are interwoven. The top two among 17 goals to be achieved by 2030 were the elimination of poverty and hunger. These are tasks for rural development in the developing world where the vast…

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Employment equality in China’s universities: perceptions of ‘decent work’ among university teachers in Beijing

In recent years there has been an increase in awareness of social justice, equality and rights issues among Chinese citizens including university teachers (Li, 2011). The higher education (HE) sector is an important example of this because of its potential for developing and disseminating new ideas about a just society, and in influencing policy-makers. An…

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Chinese Higher Education Reform and Social Justice

In place of a distributive justice perspective which focuses simply on equal access to universities, this book presents a broader understanding of the relationship between Chinese higher education and economic and social change. The necessity for research on the place of universities in contemporary Chinese society may be seen from current debates about and policy…

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Higher Education Reform in China: Beyond the Expansion

This book provides a critical examination the challenges to the development and sustainability of higher education in China: Can its universities move from quantity to quality? How will so many graduates find jobs in line with their expectations? Can Britain and other western countries continue to benefit from China’s education boom? What are the prospects…