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The UK Gender Pay Gap 1997-2015: What Is the Role of the Public Sector?

The Labour Force Survey is used to examine the influence of sector on the UK gender pay gap 1997–2015. The assessment is twofold: first comparing gender pay gaps within sectors and second through identifying the contribution of the concentration of women in the public sector to the overall gender pay gap. The long-term narrowing of…

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Gender and Disability Disadvantage in the Public Sector, 1998-2012

There is a widespread perception that public sector offers an employment advantage for groups disadvantaged generally in the labour market. For example women are more than twice as likely to work in the public sector as men. The relative concentration of these protected groups within the public sector has increased over the past decade of…

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Better quality work and better pay in the public sector?

The unadjusted public-private sector pay differential has attractedconsiderable political interest since the coalition government came to powerin the UK in 2010. It has been used to justify changes to pay settingarrangements and the imposition of pay restraint on the public sector.However, previous analyses have shown that a large part of the premium canbe explained by…

Inequality and Work Quality

To examine the on going consequences of the deficit reductionprogramme on measures of labour market inequality. To explore the nature of regional variation in public-private sectorpay. To consider the intrinsic quality of work in the public sector andprivate sectors of the economy.