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Local Civil Society: Time, Place and Boundaries

Civil Society Book Series 2021 Drawing on place-based field investigations and new empirical analysis, this original book investigates civil society at local level. The concept of civil society is contested and multifaceted, and this text offers assessment and clarification of debates concerning the intertwining of civil society, the state and local community relations. Analysing two…

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Language in autobiographical narratives: Motivation, capital and transnational imaginations

Anderson’s notion of imagined communities has helped to focus attention on the complex connection between language and membership of social groupings. This article explores the sense of membership of an imagined transnational community of ‘Europe’ through a selection of autobiographical narrative interviews in a multi-nation study of identity formation. Data drawn from a sample of…

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International education in the life course

Using data from the educationally mobile (EM) ‘sensitised group’ interviews1 this chapter responds to the question: do experiences of European educational exchange programmes or study abroad make the participants more ‘European’? The biographical approach allows experiences of international educational mobility to be interpreted within the life course as a whole and is designed to reveal…

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Connectivity, Place and Elective Belonging: Community and later life

This paper presents preliminary findings and a summary of the work undertaken as part of an AHRC funded review of the literature addressing community, connectivity and later life. Two key theme areas were addressed; ‘Social networks and later life’ and ‘The impact of Information and communication technologies (ICT) on community and older people’. In addition…

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‘There’s one shop you don’t go into if you are English’: The social and political integration of English migrants into Wales

Research into ethnic minorities in Wales has gathered pace in recent years. Yet little is known about Wales’ largest ethnic group, the English, although the Welsh–English boundary remains the main marker of ethnic distinction, and migration into Wales from England represents a continuing challenge to the maintenance of distinctive ‘Welshness’ – including Welsh language and…

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Place and Belonging

The book chapter Place and Belonging features in Understanding Contemporary Wales, a book edited by Hugh Mackay. This book introduces a social science-based analysis of Wales, providing a contemporary account of politics, culture, society and the economy of Wales. It will introduce and apply some key concepts, theories and debates regarding difference and identities in…

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Inside Out: An ‘English’ dispersal into North-West Wales

This article is based on an empirical baseline study undertaken in 2005 which examined the experience of ‘the English’ who have moved and settled into north-west Wales. The movement of the British/white groups and their experiences have been less of a subject for examination and yet a dispersal of ‘the English’/British as both immigrants and…