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Rural vitalization promoted by industrial transformation under globalization: The case of Tengtou village in China

Globalization has deeply changed the rural socio-economic form and spatial pattern, and caused a comprehensive and profound transformation of rural industries. By establishing a theoretical analysis framework for industrial transformation, this paper firstly reveals the internal mechanism of industrial transformation to promote the diversified development and comprehensive vitalization of rural areas. Taking Tengtou, a developed…

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Rural restructuring under globalization in Eastern Coastal China: What can we learn from Wales?

The differentiation of rural development in eastern coastal China has been exaggerated by the rapid rural restructuring under globalization, since economic reforms and an open-door policy were initiated in 1978. The problems associated with rural restructuring in China may in part be addressed by drawing on experiences and achievements from other countries, including Britain, which…

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Accelerated restructuring in rural China fuelled by ‘increasing vs decreasing balance’ land use policy for dealing with hollowed villages

Rapid industrialization and urbanization in China has produced a unique phenomenon of ‘village-hollowing’, shaped by the dual-track structure of socio-economic development. This paper analyzes the phenomenon of ‘village-hollowing’, identifying the processes and influences that have driven their evolution, and highlighting the challenge that the locking-up of unused rural housing land in ‘hollowed villages’ presents for…