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The Routledge Handbook of Language Policy and Planning cover
Governance, complexity, and multi-level language policy and planning

Though there is general awareness that language policy is a multi-level activity, there has been little systematic analysis of how interactions between actors and institutions at different territorial scales can influence language policy development. By engaging with two public policy approaches, multi-level governance and new institutionalism, this chapter develops a multi-level institutional framework to systematically…

Examining the Political Origins of Language Policies

Chapter in Language, Policy and Territory. Huw Lewis and Elin Royles analyse the origins of specific language policies and trace their development over time. They argue that existing literature on language policy fails to identify how and why particular choices emerge and how these are related to political factors. As a conceptual framework, Lewis and…

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Language policy in multi-level systems: A historical institutionalist analysis

Efforts are underway to develop a stronger political science perspective regarding the practice of language policy to establish language policy as a distinct field of public policy studies. The article’s original theoretical contribution is to develop a framework, grounded in historical institutionalism, to analyse the multi-level institutional factors that influence language policy choices relating to…