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The Design and Development of a client-server based tool to Compute Accessibility to Sporting Facilities in Wales

Presented by the authors at GIS Research UK Conference 2020 This paper draws on a new database of gymnastics facilities, the use of Two-Step Floating Catchment Area (E2SFCA) techniques, to measure potential accessibility for both private and public transport networks using a web-based tool to collect the network distances for the transport. Plans to incorporate…

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The application of network-based GIS tools to investigate spatial variations in the provision of sporting facilities

Methods whereby access to facilities can be captured in order to support national policies geared towards promoting sports participation and help plan the provision of local facilities are urgently needed. Objective measures derived from the use of Geographical Information Systems can be used to gain an understanding of spatial variations in the location and quality…

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Deep rural communities: Exploring service provision in rural Wales

This chapter is concerned with the provision of services in rural Wales. However, the story that is told through the use of quantitative and qualitative data is something more: it shifts the concern to coping strategies, community relations, trust mechanisms and the institutions of public life that constitute these rural areas. This research was completed…