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Qualitative Researcher: Issue 12

Issue 12 of WISERD’s Qualitative Researcher contains: Editorial – Kate Moles The restorative dynamic of walking together – Karolina Ronander Exploring spatial (dis)locations through the use of roving focus groups – Joshua Inwood and Deborah Martin Toy tours: reflections on walking-whilst-talking with young children at home – Olivia Stevenson and Claire Adey Walking with Andrei…

The restorative dynamic of walking together

Recently, social scientists have increasingly been seeking analytical purchase on the mobile nature of everyday life (Buscher, Urry & Witchger forthcoming; Buscher & Urry 2009; Ek & Hultman 2008; Ross, Renold, Holland & Hillman 2009) and the performativity of social action (Crang 2005; Cresswell 2002; Lorimer 2005; Thrift and Dewsbury 2000). The purpose of this…