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Evaluating the Foundation Phase: Technical Report

In this report we present a technical discussion of the three year evaluation (August 2011 to August 2014). This includes an outline of the evaluation design, the methods used in the evaluation and other detailed information about the evaluation. 2. The Foundation Phase is a Welsh Government flagship policy of early years education (for 3…

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Making the Case for the Social Sciences: Wales

WISERD, in partnership with the Research Institute for Applied Social Science (RIASS) and the Academy of Social Science, have today launched a new booklet showcasing the vast array of social science research taking place in Wales; titled ‘Making the Case for the Social Sciences 10 – Wales’. It includes a new study by Welsh researchers which…

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Evaluating the Foundation Phase: Final Report

This final report presents the main findings from the evaluation. These are organised in four main chapters: the implementation of the Foundation Phase Foundation Phase practice the impact of the Foundation Phase an economic analysis of the Foundation Phase. The final chapter discusses the implications of these findings with associated recommendations.

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Evaluating the Foundation Phase: Update and Technical Report 2012/13

In this report we outline the progress of the evaluation during the past year (August 2012 to July 2013). We also provide details about Stage II of the evaluation design, which has largely involved the collection of detailed information about the implementation of the Foundation Phase in forty-one schools and ten funded non-maintained settings from…

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Evaluating the Foundation Phase: Annual Report 2011/12

The Foundation Phase is a Welsh Government flagship policy of early years education (for 3 to 7-year old children) in Wales. Marking a radical departure from the more formal, competency-based approach associated with the previous Key Stage 1 National Curriculum, it advocates a developmental, experiential, play-based approach to teaching and learning. The policy has been…

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Brief report: Multilevel analysis of school smoking policy and pupil smoking behaviour in Wales

A multilevel analysis of cross-sectional data from a survey involving 1941 pupils (in grades 10 and 11) and policy indicators developed from interviews with staff from 45 secondary schools in Wales examined the hypotheses that pupil smoking prevalence would be associated with: restrictive staff and pupil smoking policies; dissemination of school smoking policies; and implementation of smoking…