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Migration Strategies of Recent Polish Migrants to England and Wales: Do They Have Any At All?

Debates have persisted about the character of the East-West population flows that followed the EU expansions. Some of the discussions surround the extent to which the mobility has been temporal and hence how likely these migrants are to settle permanently or to stay for long periods in host countries. This paper enhances the understanding of…

Temporary Migration, Integration and the role of Policies (TEMPO): Dataset of recent Polish migrants in England and Wales

This dataset has been produced as part of the project co-ordinated by the Centre for Economic Policy Research on “Temporary Migration, Integration and the role of Policies” (TEMPO), which has been funded by the NORFACE Research Programme “Migration in Europe – Social, Economic, Cultural and Policy Dynamics”. See the project page for more details.

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The TEMPO Survey of Recent Polish Migrants in England and Wales

The immigration flows to the UK that followed European Union (EU) enlargement in 2004 is thought to have constituted the largest wave of immigration in the UK’s history (Salt and Rees, 2006). One of the main factors behind these very large inflows was the UK government’s decision to more or less allow the free movement…

Using Survey Data to Identify Migration Patterns

This briefing focuses on the difficulty in obtaining the information needed to identify patterns of (temporary) migration, which appear to have become more diverse in recent years, facilitated by developments in transportation and increased globalisation. It is mainly concerned with examining how survey data may be used to shed further light on the issue. It…