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Tackling Labour Market Injustice and Organising Workers: The View from a Northern Heartland

This report, based on 42 interviews with workers, trade unionists and other stakeholders, examines the phenomena of low-paid and precarious work in Sheffield. It focuses on the factors driving the prevalence of such work (including the links with welfare reform), the experiences of workers in seven distinct employment sectors, as well as trade union responses…

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Forging an inclusive labour market – empowering workers and communities : an interim report on low pay and precarious work in Sheffield

The Sheffield Needs A Pay Rise (SNAP) is a campaign that has been initiated by Sheffield Trades Union Council (STUC). The impetus for the campaign was the earlier creation of the Britain Needs A Pay Rise organising theme by the national Trades Union Congress1 in the autumn of 2014. STUC has sought to develop this…