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Parliamentary Affairs journal front cover
Exploring the Substantive Representation of Non-humans in UK Parliamentary Business: A Legislative Functions Perspective of Animal Welfare Petitions 2010-19

This study is concerned with the substantive representation of non-human species in parliamentary business. It applies Leston-Bandeira’s legislative functions perspective (LFP) to a data set of 2500 public petitions on animal welfare, submitted over three terms of the UK parliament. The wider significance of this work lies in: (i) underlining the utility of the LFP…

Regional & Federal Studies Journal Cover
Sentience and Salience – Exploring the Party Politicisation of Animal Welfare in Multi-level Electoral Systems: Analysis of Manifesto Discourse in UK Meso elections 1998-2017

This study explores the party politicization of animal welfare in the context of multi-level governance in the UK. It examines over 1300 pledges in party manifestos for Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish elections 1998–2017. It reveals the nature of party competition, including increasing salience over electoral cycles. This is complemented by examination of the party…

New Perspectives on Welfare and Governance in Contemporary China - front cover of working paper
New Perspectives on Welfare and Governance in Contemporary China

Introduction Over the last thirty years, China has undergone comprehensive and profound social and economic transformation. The rapid development of urbanization, marketization, informatization and globalization has brought China a series of major challenges. These include how to adjust the relationship between the state, market and society; how to narrow the gap between rich and poor;…