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The WISERD Geoportal: A tool for the discovery, analysis and visualisation of socio-economic (meta-) data for Wales

The Wales Institute of Socio-Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) is an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional academic research group based in Wales, UK. One of the key objectives of WISERD is to develop a spatial framework that enhances a researcher’s ability to discover socio-economic research data relating to Wales with the aim of encouraging collaborative research and…

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Gauging levels of public acceptance to the use of visualisation tools in promoting public participation; a case study of wind farm planning in South Wales, UK

There is an increasing interest in the use of IT-based tools to encourage public participation in environmental decision making. Typically, this has involved the development of (predominantly prototype) systems applied in workshop scenarios with those stakeholders with an immediate interest in the planning issue in hand. Increasingly, however, the Internet is being used to explore…

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Web-based GIS approaches to enhance public participation in wind farm planning

Planning information pertaining to the potential visual impacts of proposed construction developments is particularly important in the case of wind farm planning, given the high levels of concern amongst members of the public regarding the perceived negative visual impacts of wind turbines on the landscape. Previous research has highlighted the shortcomings associated with traditional visualization…

An evaluation of online GIS-based landscape and visual impact assessment tools and their potential for enhancing public participation: the example of wind farm planning in Wales

Effective information communication and public participation in the planning process are important elements for facilitating successful environmental decision-making. Previous research has demonstrated the importance of these factors for delivering benefits to a wide range of stakeholders in the planning system by increasing the transparency and efficiency of the planning process. Planning information relating to the…

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Building a Geo-portal for Enhancing Collaborative Socio-Economic Research in Wales using Open Source Technology

The Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) is a major new collaborative socio‐economic research programme involving five higher education institutions in Wales. This paper introduces the work of the WISERD data integration team and describes their plans for the development of an online geo‐portal. Their aim is to support WISERD…