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Language in autobiographical narratives: Motivation, capital and transnational imaginations

Anderson’s notion of imagined communities has helped to focus attention on the complex connection between language and membership of social groupings. This article explores the sense of membership of an imagined transnational community of ‘Europe’ through a selection of autobiographical narrative interviews in a multi-nation study of identity formation. Data drawn from a sample of…

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‘We always invite residents to come along…’ Discourses of citizenship among local government stakeholders

This paper explores the ways in which managers of organizations delivering services to the public in Wales talk about and conceptualize the publics using these services. Topics covered in interviews with these stakeholders include: local democracy; responsibility; behavioural shifts; citizen participation; local specificities; responses to devolution. The themes are analysed in the context of neoliberal…

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International education in the life course

Using data from the educationally mobile (EM) ‘sensitised group’ interviews1 this chapter responds to the question: do experiences of European educational exchange programmes or study abroad make the participants more ‘European’? The biographical approach allows experiences of international educational mobility to be interpreted within the life course as a whole and is designed to reveal…