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Military Recruitment, Work & Culture in the South Wales Valleys: A Local Geography of Contemporary British Militarism

This article explores how social and cultural life in the south Wales valleys, an area of economic deprivation within Britain, has been shaped by the British military and militarism, in ways that are both specific to the area and shared with other regions throughout the country. In particular, it argues that the convergence of several…

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Understanding neighbourhoods, communities and environments: new approaches for social work research

In this article we aim to utilise and apply ethnomethodological and interactionist principles to the analysis of members situated accounts of regenerated urban space. With reference to previous empirical studies we apply membership categorization analysis and the concept of mundane reason to data gathered from situated street level interviews carried out as part of a…

Health, wellbeing and social care

In this article we explore the ways in which mobile research methods can be utilised to create enabling research environments, encounters and exchanges, generating time and space for participants and researchers to co-generate and communicate meaningful understandings of everyday lives. The article focuses on the use of two mobile methods, guided walks and car journey…

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Qualitative Researcher: Issue 11

This paper develops multi-dimensional analyses of socio-spatial relations. Building on previous research, we identify some tensions associated with different dimensions of socio-spatiality and introduce the theme of compossible and, more importantly, incompossible socio-spatial configurations. Two short studies are deployed to highlight the socio-spatial implications of the principle thatnot everything that is possible is compossible.The first…