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Chronic Illness 5(3)
Carers with Chronic Conditions: Changes Over Time in their Physical Health

Chronic Illness 5(3) pp 155-164 This article explores the experiences of individuals with chronic conditions who are also caring for another person, usually a family member. A postal questionnaire was distributed to carers across Wales on three occasions approximately 18 months apart. It included the SF-12v2 together with fixed-choice and open-ended questions relating to carer…

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Phase space: Geography, relational thinking and beyond

Progress in Human Geography 33(4) pp 487-506 Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning of work on `thinking space relationally’. According to its advocates, relational thinking challenges human geography by insisting on an open-ended, mobile, networked, and actor-centred geographic becoming. The paper discusses the importance of this `relational turn’ by positioning it within the lineage of…

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Rural Citizenship and Governmentality

Citizenship is often understood in straightforward legal terms, but it also represents a set of practices that constitute a change in the relationship between citizens and the nation state, and the way society is governed. While citizenship was historically associated with urban societies, the promotion of national forms of citizenship from the late eighteenth century…

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Rural Geography

Rural geography may be simply defined as the study of people, places, and landscapes in rural areas, and of the social and economic processes that shape these geographies. However, as the definition of ‘rural’ has become increasingly difficult and contested, the boundaries of ‘rural geography’ have been tested. Rural geography today is hence a diverse…

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Rural Protest

Rural protests are an increasingly commonplace feature of contemporary politics in both the Global North and the Global South. In the Global North, rural protests are associated with the weakening of established modes of rural representation and conflicts over the meaning, regulation, and development of rural life and rural spaces. Local protests have addressed a…

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The Economic Downturn and the Welsh Economy

The Welsh Assembly Government has very few significant levers to pull in an attempt to deal with the effects of the current recession. Many have applauded the actions taken so far but there is still more that could be done, some of which is controversial.

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Qualitative Researcher: Issue 10

This is issue 10 of the Cardiff University Qualitative Researcher.   It contains the following articles: Looking Back and Moving Forward Amanda Coffey Using Unconventional Media to Disseminate Qualitative Research Bella Dicks Rachel Hurdley Hearing the City: Reflections on Soundwalking Mags Adams Qualitative Research, Deliberative Inquiry and Policy Making Rob Evans Alex Hillman Gareth Rees…

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Looking Back and Moving Forward

This issue of Qualitative Researcher contains articles which reflect some of the ways in which Qualiti, the Cardiff Node of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods has sought to engage with methodological development and research capacity building over the last three years or more. The original aims of Qualiti included advancing innovative and ethical…

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Using unconventional media to disseminate qualitative research

This article draws on a project (funded by the Qualiti node of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods) that investigated the implications of using non-conventional media for representing and disseminating qualitative research findings. It follows a series of previous, ESRC-funded projects investigating the methodological and empirical uses of hypermedia and multimedia for qualitative fieldwork-based…